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 ======ATW-News====== ======ATW-News======
 +===== New Tutors – new people =====
 +Hey guys, \\
 +due to recent changes in the statutes of the student self-administration here in the ATW, there are __two__ new tutors who just wait for you to approach you!
 +Our official name is “Integrationstutorium” and our job is basically to do what we can to make sure you like living here. We address everybody living here: Students from whatever country however long you might stay here and our refugee neighbours! ​
 +__We can help!__ \\
 +If you are uncomfortable with your living conditions because of noise from your neighbours, inadequate conditions in your flat, trouble with broadcasting fees (“Rundfunkbeitrag or GEZ”) and so on, just come to us. 
 +As much as we’d love to talk to you in the language you prefer, we are pretty much limited to German, English, Spanish and precious little French. But in any case: we will manage to help you! We want you to be comfortable here!
 +__What else can we do for you?__ \\
 +If you live happily and free of trouble, that is amazing! But you can still come to us. We are thrilled about everyone who approaches us with ideas about free time activities or other ways to improve whatever and wherever we can. 
 +__Contact us!__\\
 +Ariane & Yannick\\
 +Office hours (TV room in house 6): Tuesdays 18:00-19:00 (6-7 pm)
 ===== Tutorien bis zum 30.04. ausgesetzt ===== ===== Tutorien bis zum 30.04. ausgesetzt =====
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