What Connection are you trying to set up?

We support two Wireless-Networks in the ATW:

1. "eduroam"

is being generated in many facilities of the University,

so it will be present in many places throughout the town.

To set it up, please follow these eduroam-Instructions.

2. ""

is only present in the ATW.

To set it up please consider following

Instruction: Using your ATW-Wifi-Router

This instruction relates only to the ATW-routers

This applies to the startup of your router after moving in and to the reconfiguration of your old ATW-router

1) Only one port of the network box is working; put the network cable in there
2) Put the network cable into one of the yellow ports of the router
3) If the chosen port-LED is blinking fast, you've done everthing correctly for now
4) Leave the router connected to the network cable and the power cable during the first night
5) On the next day: Put the network cable into the blue port (that's new!) and leave it there. Finished!

Use your router as switch:

If you followed each step of the instructions, you may connect other devices to one of the yellow ports with a network cable now.
See the following illustration:

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